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Proverbs 25:25

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Lent: A Season of Sacrifice

Of course, Lent is about sacrifice, right? That’s when we especially focus on the sacrifice Jesus made for us, to pay for our sins and provide eternal life. But doesn’t that call forth a sacrifice from us? But what is the meaning of sacrifice? This Lent, we will once...

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Advent Midweek Worship Series

In this worship series for Advent, we contemplate the many ways we prepare ourselves for the coming of the Christ Child on Christmas, taking cues from the Psalms of old and from those whom God chose to play a part in the story of our Lord's birth. As we draw near to...

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COVID-19 Update

St. John’s is open for worship services. During this time of the Coronavirus, we follow the state guidelines for our health and safety. We are social distancing, wearing masks, and taking precautions to make you feel safe and secure while you are worshiping. Pews are...

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Call committee Update

During this season of transition, St. John’s has issued a call to Pastor Steve Benson. He is a pastor that appeals to all ages of a congregation. Pastor Benson is accustomed to using all three of the Lutheran hymnals and supplementing with other alternative worship...

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HSM Fall Party

Due to COVID-19, since March the High School Ministry has been meeting on zoom, in October we were finally able to meet in-person. State and CDC guidelines were followed including social distancing and required face covering. We had a great meeting filled with...

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What time is it?

When someone asks us, “What time is it?” the answer is usually quite simple. “It’s 9:30, I think.” might be a typical answer. In the ancient world, the idea of time was broadly defined in two ways. First, the time of day was determined by a sun-dial (in the daytime)...

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