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Call committee Update

Nov 1, 2020 | Announcements

During this season of transition, St. John’s has issued a call to Pastor Steve Benson. He is a pastor that appeals to all ages of a congregation.

Pastor Benson is accustomed to using all three of the Lutheran hymnals and supplementing with other alternative worship hymns or songs if they are theologically appropriate. For special services such as lent and advent, he uses his creative mind to alter from the normal worship forms to provide a liturgy that may be different but proclaims the faith and true gospel.

Rev. Benson has a large place in his heart for Lutheran schools as he attended a Lutheran school in the Chicagoland area and provided that Lutheran education to his children.

A strength of Rev. Benson is community outreach via fellowship in informal gatherings. Pastor Benson also emphasizes keeping our youth focused on Christ and active in the church. He agrees that Confirmation is not graduation from the church. It is a time they need to remain focused on their faith.

Pastor Benson and his wife recently visited St. John’s. Our hope and prayers are that God leads him to St. John’s to fill our vacancy. We pray for St. John’s, Zion Lutheran (Brainerd, MN) his present congregation, as well as Pastor Benson and his family as he deliberates God’s will for his ministry.

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